Understanding Recursion - For Beginners

Pavle Paunović
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The beginner friendly guide to recursion. Understand recursion. Start from converting for/while loops all to the backtracking.

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What is recursion?

From while/for loops to recursion

Chapter 1: Recursion and arrays

Array sum


Largest number in array

Smalles number in array

Flatten nested array

Even numbers

Multiply numbers in array

Chapter 2: Recursion and strings

Recursive string reversal

Get number from a string


Shortest word in string

Nested string

Chapter 3: Recursion and linked lists

Appending data to linked list

Delete node at k index

Reversing linked list with recursion

Logging linked list data

Chapter 4: Recursion and binary trees

Creating a binary tree and appending data to it

Minimum value in binary tree

Maximum value in binary tree

Deep first search

Chapter 5: Recursion and backtracking




Chapter 6: Memoization and Tail recursion


Tail recursion

Chapter 7: Inner game of recursion

Recursive leap of faith

Final words

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Understanding Recursion - For Beginners

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